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On your election…
Yavapai County

Senator John McCain
Congressman Paul Gosar
Senate Karen Fann
LD 1 Noel Campbell
Assessor Judd Simmons
Recorder Leslie Hoffman
Attorney Sheila Polk
BOS 1 Rowle Simmons
BOS 2 Tom Thurman
BOS 3 Randy Garrison
BOS 4 Craig Brown
BOS 5 Jack Smith
Sheriff Scott Mascher
Superintendant Tim Carter
Treasurer Ross Jacobs
Judge Patricia Trebesch (Div 7)
Judge Michael Bluff (Div 7)
and to all the winners in 
the City and Town elections


Make America Great Again


The Mission Of The AzFRW Is To Help Our GOP Candidates Get Elected! The Time Is Now! 
With the election less than 90 days away, candidates will need help if we are to see victory in November. Volunteers can make the difference in both Presidential and local elections and we must be part of that volunteer force. To that end,
Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party has asked the AzFRW to take a critical role in this election.
The AZGOP is opening Victory offices around the state and will be conducting phone banks from those offices and from individually selected sites as well. Chairman Graham has requested that we provide volunteers to help staff the phone banks in those offices or arrange to do some phone calling from our own sites. This is an ideal role for the AzFRW, and we can make a real difference.
In either case, phones and scripts will be provided, as will refreshments during the phone bank time. Clubs who participate in call time will be recognized in the AZGOP newsletter, and the top three clubs will be recognized at the Chairman's Awards Dinner. In addition, time spent will count toward Campaign Hours for you and your club.
If each club can make calls two or more days per month, we can impact the outcome of this election. I strongly urge you to make your September and October meetings working meetings to conduct the phone banks. You may also consider arriving a few hours early or stay late on meeting days.
Kathy Hedges will be contacting club Presidents in the coming days to request your assistance and to set up calling times and locations. In the meantime, if your club will select the dates and times for calling, and make a list of people who will participate, we can hit the ground running on this. Contact your club President today and say, " Yes, count me in!"  You may also contact Kathy Hedges directly at   602-274-8100
Please do your best to be a part to keep Arizona RED.  Our candidates are counting on us! 
Thank you for your continued selfless service and patriotism.

Loraine Pellegrino
AzFRW President

Arizona Federation of Republican Women, PO Box 93391, Phoenix, AZ 85070

Highlights of September  8 YCRW Meeting

Next YCRW Meeting October 13, 2016 at 5:30 pm

New Location -  StoneRidge Golf Club House, 

1601 N. Bluff Top Dr. Prescott, AZ 86314

Leslie Hoffman, Yavapai County Recorder, and her team,give a tutorial on  Voter 101 and prep for the November 8 general election. 

Yavapai County and Arizona's newest

Republican Women's

Professional Organization!

Photos courtesy of Joel C. Schocet, official YCRW photographer.