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There are many families  within our communities who need our help.

April 31, 2017: YCRW scholarship committee presented six sets of Rush Limbaugh's history books to the Dewey-Humbolt, Glassford Elementary School Library.

YCRW's March 27, 2017 meeting was devoted to the theme "Impacting Our Community". Presenters were, CASA: Quincy Castleberry, Meals on Wheels: Bert Ijam, Boys and Girls Club: Gerald Schocak, Stepping Stones: Robin Burke, Hospice: Kristine Hanson and Big Brothers, Big Sisters: Juliana Goswick.  Key take away's from their presentations were: Donate to Groups Locally, Volunteers are always in short supply and if you have a calling to serve your community -- get involved!

Caring for America 

What is Caring for America? According to the National Federation of Republican Women website the NFRW established Caring for America based on the belief that problems can be solved most effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individual citizens. 
​ YCRW fully supports NFRW philosophy.

As we move through 2017, we will continue to collect our coupons and put food on the shelves of your local food banks. There are many needs in our community and we welcome your input. If you have an idea of a way we can support our community please do not hesitate to contact our president@ycrw.us.

Yavapai County Food Bank

Yavapai  County Food Bank is a a non-government funded 501(c)3 non-sectarian charitable organization that provides food and other necessities according to Yavapai County community needs.

YCRW is proud to support this community project. 

Through our Caring for America Plan, YCRW encourages donation to the food bank by asking that each attendee to our monthly meetings bring a can of food or a useable item to support this effort.

Visit Yavapai County Food Bank Website

In August, 2017 YCRW member Jill Martin, on the right, presented a $180.00 donation to the Yavapai Food Bank. This was made possible by the generosity of YCRW members. YCRW collects at our monthly meeting donations either monetary or canned and dried products for the food bank. Thanks to all members and keep the donations coming.

Some YCRW History: Caring for America

In December 2015, YCRW began our Caring for America journey by providing $150.00 in gift cards to the Stepping Stones Agency. The agency was then able to provide their clients a means to purchase gifts, for their children for Christmas. In the following months , club members continued to show amazing generosity by providing personal needs items for the Stepping Stones shelters. Items provided included laundry soap, paper towels and toilet paper….just to name a few. 2016 provided us many opportunities to reach out to our community. A few of the ways we were able to serve our community were:

  • The Yavapai County Sheriff's canine unit paid us a visit and we were able to gift them more than 60 bears to be given to children they encounter.

  • High Country Early Intervention was gifted soil, flower pots and seeds. The physical and occupational therapist were able to use these supplies as therapy exercises with their clients.

  • Sisters Helping Sisters- we were able to send gift cards to our Republican sisters in Louisiana after they were ravaged by a hurricane.

  • Coupon Collections- We have gathered and continue to gather coupons to purchase groceries for our food pantries.

  • Pack the Pantries- Each month we collect nonperishable items for our local food banks. As we are able to utilize our coupons, we gather as much as we possibly can to help feed our community.

Gentle reminder YCRW collects at each monthly meeting either a monetary donation for the food bank or bring canned or dry food as a donation.

"The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world; I am like a snowball - the further I am rolled the more I gain."  ㅡ Susan B. Anthony