August 2017 Trailblazer submitted by Myrna Lieberman

At the end of March, 2017 the RNC released a video series titled "Empowering Women" to mark the culmination of Women's History month. Video's feature: 

* KellyAnne Conway     * Representative Marsha Blackburn    *  Linda McMahon     *  Maggie Boyd     * Sarah Armstrong 

Visit "Empowering Women" to view the video series.

Meet the first woman Governor  of Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds.  Governor Reynolds has an impressive resume for public service. Read About the Governor and also a nice article found in the Quad City Times.

October 2017

Read about Professor Carol Swain in an article titled "A Maverick Professor's Remarkable Story" on the Independent Women's Forum website. 

British Prime Minister


Margaret Thatcher

Today women are 53% of voters. Women can be proud of the gains we have made. To commemorate the struggle for women to vote  watch the series of videos on YouTube.  They provide a perspective that each of us has an obligation to continue the work of the 'suffragettes', as they became known, began some 200 years ago and the right to vote was not realized until 1920, with the ratification of the 19th amendment.

Among Ms Rice accomplishments, and there are many, she served as our nation's 66th Secretary of State.

Martha's desire by nominating Secretary Rice was to call attention to the value of education and support by her family.

Rice was fortunate to have parents who provided "intangible support by developing her sense of pride, faith and responsibility". Connie Rice, a second cousin to Secretary Rice said,

"They wanted Rice to be free of any kind of shackles, mentally or physically, and they wanted her to own the world. And to give a child that kind of entitlement, you have to love her to death and make her believe that she can fly."

U.N. Ambassador

​Jeane Kirkpatrick

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first woman being sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives and that woman was Republican Jeannette Rankin, a suffragette from Montana. Rankin was sworn in to the 65th Congress, three years before the 19th Amendment was ratified. Congresswoman Rankin famously said  “I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won’t be the last.”

View more history of GOP Women by visiting National Federation Republican Women (NFRW) website,"Women in the GOP".

​​​Website issues email:

There is a wealth of information about Secretary Rice online. Treat yourself by Googling "Condoleezza Rice".

Myrna's comment:

"Kellyanne Conway is fearless. She is the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign. She ran a political action committee supporting Senator Ted Cruz until he dropped out. Mr Trump saw her value and the rest is history."

“I’ve been in a very male-dominated business for decades. I found, particularly early on, that there’s plenty of room for passion, but there’s very little room for emotion.”
—Kellyanne Conway

GOP Women Trailblazers Submitted by YCRW Members in 2017

"Women are the real architects of society."  ㅡ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Submitted by member,  Jacquie Auwarter

Two women have influenced my practical thinking, one American, the other a British Citizen. For sake of brevity, I write of the American.

Jeane Kirkpatrick, daughter of an oil field Wildcatter, rose to the heights of U.N. Ambassador, the first woman to serve at this post. She served from 1980 – 1989.

Her political journey and thinking was evolutionary. She joined the Socialist Party in 1945; the Democrat Party in 1970. In 1985, she registered as a Republican and remained a member until her death in 2006.

At one meeting of the U.N., she announced from the floor of the gathering, the names of every Soviet political prisoner held in the Gulag. Andrea Sakharov, then Human Rights activist, was pleased as punch! This episode embarrassed the Soviets mightily.

Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s passage of political rebirth was remarkable. Her accomplishments are legendary to have had as her political advisor Franz Leopold Neumann, a revisionist Marxist at Columbia University to serve in President Reagan’s Cabinet as a member of the National Security Council. This is a true transformation of thought. It is to be awed.

My British Citizen of legend is Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher. These two ladies educated and influenced my own thinking and journey to discovery. They were of entirely different dispositions and style, but stalwart in their beliefs of Liberty.

I search for such women to lead America.

I close with two quotes one from each lady:

“The rooster may crow, but the hen lays the egg.” ─ Prime Minister Thatcher

“Americans need to face the truth about themselves, no matter how pleasant it is.” ─ Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick

Amen Ladies

October 2017 

Submitted by member Martha Adair

 Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

Secretary Rice said "We need to move beyond the idea that girls can be leaders and create the expectation that they should be leaders."

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